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Mini Sessions

A mini session is similar to a full session, but it is much shorter. Great when you have wild toddlers with the attention span of a goldfish. Also great when you want to get just a couple shots for the holiday card.

A mini session runs just 15 minutes, and is usually booked back to back with a handful of other clients. In a mini session, you'll arrive to my location, double check the contact info and then jump right into taking pictures. We won't be going to different locations since we only have 15 minutes, but I always make sure to switch up the poses so that you don't get just the same poses.


After the session, I will fully edit and upload at least 5 images into an online gallery where you are free to share, download and print any your images. You will receive an email with the link to your gallery within one week.

Check the calendar to see when the next mini-session event will be. 

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