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It's Been A While...

Something that gets me really excited is when a client tells me "It's been a while since we had pictures." or even "We've never had professional pictures done so we don't know what to do." Let me tell you exactly why I get excited. First, I know that they probably feel a little self conscious or worried about how they'll look in the camera. They also might worry that they won't know how to pose or what to do with their hands. Well, let me tell you not to worry! All of that is part of my job, as your photographer, to worry about.

If you feel a little nervous in front of the camera, you are not alone. In fact, even I have a hard time relaxing in front of the camera. But as your photographer, it's my job to help you feel at ease and to tell you what to do. I'll start off as soon as your session is booked, emailing you to give you ideas on what to wear, what not to wear, figuring out where we will meet and all the little details that might stress you out.

Once we're at the session, it's time for me to get to work and for you to just have fun with your family. I'll help pose you, giving you easy to understand steps to look just right. It might feel funny and seem a bit awkward, but I promise, it looks good in the camera. We'll work through a variety of poses, from sitting, standing, kneeling, even occasionally laying down. And I'll guide you through all of them! I do my best to make sure you look your best. I pay attention to the little details that sometimes get overlooked. Hair in your eyes, hats, sunglasses, scrunched up sweater, no worries because I'm going to help you make sure you're lookin' amazing!

In this session, I had finally convinced my brother's in-laws to join me at the park for some pictures. They told me before meeting up that they hadn't actually ever had pictures done with everyone in them. Lucky me, I got to do that for them! The teenagers were a bit shy at first, but after a few jokes they were soon laughing and dare I say, even enjoying themselves. Mom and Dad hadn't had pictures together in so long and weren't sure about it, but I think they were pleasantly surprised when they saw the final result.

You tell me, what things make you nervous in a family photo session? Is it the posing? Is it making sure the kids behave? I'd love to know just how I can help more families feel at ease in a session with me.

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