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More than Headshots

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

My friend recently finished all her classes and trainings and has become an official Fitness and Nutrition Coach. It's almost like graduating college, and still just as exciting. I had done her family photos recently (blog post still to come, oops!) and she reached out for some photos of just her for her new business. I was honored that she thought me again and so excited to get to work with her again. She had her own vision and told me exactly what she wanted, but also let me guide her in what I was envisioning as well. Between the two of us, I must say that we came up with some amazing shots.

She, again, wanted to do some downtown and urban shots, which is a fantastic creative stretch for me. Being used to photographing in parks and nature, I thoroughly enjoyed thinking outside my box. We started in Freak Alley in the heart of downtown Boise. In this back alley, there are so many wonderful murals and works of art. So many colors, shapes, and textures to make portraits just POP!

After some shot in her workout attire, we switched gears and she changed into some street clothes. We stayed downtown and she had brought a couple other outfits to wear. All of her outfits were stunning and she was just FIRE. Good luck with your new adventure, Brittany!

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