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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

When school starts, the beginning of the year can bring up all sorts of feelings. Excited for the new year, nervous about getting to know your teachers and classrooms, and just being ready to be able to hang out with your friends more... Especially after the last year and a half. And for some people, *cough* seniors, it comes with more feelings. Your senior year means so much to so many people. Of course, you're excited that this is the last year in high school. You're also anxious to graduate and see where you might go to college, or get a job, or whatever you want to do. There's Homecoming, football games, (hopefully) dances, and especially Prom. And last but not least, senior pictures. Parents are feeling nostalgic about their little pumpkin growing up and spreading their wings, getting ready to fly the nest.

Senior pictures are supposed to be a way to celebrate the senior, a way to highlight the work that they have done and get excited for what's to come. When I am taking your senior pictures, I'm imagining the little kindergartener, bigger 4th grader, moody 8th grader. I like to talk to my seniors, ask about their hopes and dreams. What do they want to do after high school, do they have a job right now, do they have plans for college or travel or spending time with family while figuring things out? It's always a lot of fun getting to know these kids because every one of them has hopes and dreams and things they want to do in their future.

Here are a few from my most recent senior.

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