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Halloween ain't so scary!

Halloween is such a fun time. There are so many things to love and be excited about. It's the beginning of cooler weather and warmer sweaters. Pumpkin spice treats and delicious feasts. And it's the beginning of a string of fun holidays that everyone can enjoy. I decided to host a group of mini sessions for Halloween. I thought about all the pictures I tried to get of my own kids in their costumes. I have a great phone camera, but it just didn't capture the vision and the magic of their costumes and personalities. I wanted these sessions to be short and sweet, and hopefully timed just right so that families could get ready for pictures, and then head off to a Trunk-or-Treat or other party while still in their costumes. It turned out so perfectly. I had 5 families show up and it was just a blast. I even had grown adults show up in costumes because WHY NOT!? Halloween is the perfect time to dress up, be something or someone you want to be, and to just have fun! I'm sure I had just as much fun photographing them as they had dressing up.

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