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Wuv, Twoo wuv

When one of my evening mini sessions was cancelled last minute, I called up a friend and asked her if she wanted pictures done. We tried to come up with an interesting idea, but it was the ol' Google Machine that gave me this idea. The original photography blog had a session with pizza, and when I shared that blog with Sarah and she LOVED the idea. Only, she wanted to use Taco Bell instead. So on her way over to the park, she stopped and got her favorite cheddar chalupa and a few other things.

I wanted to do this shoot in the style of the most romantic picnic with a true love. I tried to think of what the most romantic picnics looked like and I just imagined all the romantic comedies I'd seen. They always seemed to include a picnic blanket of course, food and drink (covered by the Taco Bell), maybe a guitar and a book. So I gathered up what I could and met Sarah at the park. I absolutely love what we came up with. The poses, the props, the looks she shot the camera. I just LOVE everything about this.

If you have any other fun ideas, let me know and I'll try to make it happen!

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