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My, how the time has flown.

It's been a little over a year since I was able to upgrade my camera from a crop sensor to the full-frame that I have now. With this purchase came a renewed sense of passion in photography. I've always loved photography, I've always felt good creating images and art. I've even tried a little bit to make it in the photog business. I had a friend partner with me to start a business. Unfortunately, I was not a good partner. Looking back, I was not in the right stage of life or even mentally prepared for what was needed to run a business. I was a brand new mom, trying to figure out the mom thing and the stay-at-home thing, running a household, I just wasn't ready and I'm sorry Tanya for not being there for you.

Once I got this camera in my hands, I felt a shift in my feelings for photography. It was different than any other camera I've used. There was so much more power, so many more possibilities, I felt like my camera finally allowed me to really expand my abilities. I remember the first time using my full frame camera, I was shocked at how much more of the frame I was getting. I had to re-learn how to frame and compose my shots. I had to figure out how to adjust my settings because this new camera was just a little different. It didn't take long to learn because I wanted to take pictures all the time! My kids quickly got bored of me begging for pictures so I resorted to asking friends. After using my favorite lens for a couple months, the "nifty 50", I decided I wanted to learn more about different lenses. As far as I knew, big zoom lenses were for zooming far away and my nifty 50 was great for just about everything else. Boy was I wrong! After joining a couple Facebook photography groups, I was starting to notice styles and types of images that I wanted to be able to produce. Most of the images I gravitated towards used a 35mm or an 85mm lens. It was time for some more research. Initially I had no clue what they did differently, but I soon learned some ins and outs of these lenses. I still have SO much to learn, but it was eye-opening to dive deeper and it made me excited to really start to understand these differences. I decided on an 85mm lens and it quickly became my favorite lens. And even with more practice, I was able to understand when the 85 wasn't the best lens to use!

In those Facebook groups, I also started to notice a pattern of the types of edits that I preferred. There are many styles of editing and I love so many of them, but what did I want my images to look like, and how do I make them look like that in Lightroom!? I'm still working on that, but I definitely see an improvement in my consistency and feel some deeper understanding of how different sliders work and what they adjust. It's a state of constant learning and growing.

But the biggest thing I've learned throughout this past year is that I want to keep learning. I want to keep growing. I want to keep taking pictures, bringing special memories and capturing important moments for families. I hope that in this next year I get to take more pictures of more families. I sure do love meeting new people. Here are a few of my favorite images from the past year.

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