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More Doesn't Always Mean Merrier

When you book a traditional photo session with just about any photographer, you typically get an hour or more of their time with you taking pictures. An hour for a family session, two hours for a senior session, two hours for a family reunion. But what is getting more and more attention and gaining popularity are the mini sessions. These sessions can run from 15-20 minutes, depending on your photographer. You'll get much fewer photos to take home, but you'll also pay MUCH less than a full session. There are so many great reasons to book a mini session with your favorite photographer. My favorite reason is that kids attention spans typically don't last more than 15 minutes. In a full family session, it can be tricky keeping kids engaged and following directions for the full hour. In a mini, the kids come in ready for pictures, standing still, smiling nicely and the photographer gets to just click away! Five minutes into pictures, the kids start to get silly, making faces, getting wiggly, but that's ok. As your professional photographer, I can work with that! I love those goofy faces. 10 minutes into it and the kids really start to rebel. This is about the time when kids refuse to sit in one spot, younger ones might start fussing for mom or dad to hold them, older kids might even just walk off! HAHA! But all that's ok, because 10 minutes in, I've gotten plenty of great pictures. Those last few minutes are just buffer pictures and I know that we don't have to keep going for much longer. In a mini session, when the kids attention has been spent, so has the time. No need to bring any bribes! Here are just a few of the shots I got for each group of minis.

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