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Photographer's Kids, Am I right?!

Photographer's kids have a bad rap. They are known to hate the camera and be the least cooperative for their parent photographer. But I think I got lucky because my kids, especially my daughter, quite enjoy taking pictures with me. I think part of it is that when we're done, we get to go play at the park.

The past few days has had some amazing sunsets and I've somehow convinced my kids to go out and take pictures with me. It was just my daughter and me for one evening, and then my son got a haircut and he wanted to join us the next time. I took them out and decided to play with some lenses that I don't usually get to use. I mean, they're just my kids and not a paying customer so why not get some practice in!? I used my 70-200mm lens and man oh man, I have GOT to use that lens so much more. It's lovely and rich and gives me the background bokeh of beauty. I did also use my 85mm which is becoming my standard for portraits. Going out for pictures with my kids has so many benefits for everyone. We get to be together without staring at our phones. We get to go out into nature, walking the paths, discovering cool things. This most recent walk, my son spotted a HUGE owl and he got to take a few pictures of it. Using our bodies, exploring nature near our home, being together, who knew this hobby would turn into something so much more!

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