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The more the merrier.

Most family photographers typically just photograph immediate families. Mom, Dad, and a kid ... or three. Of course I photograph those families, but I absolutely LOVE working with these big ol' families. Where Grandma and Pop-pop come and their four kids, and the 12 grandkids and we have to figure out how to get everyone in the frame. You see, it's not just the one big family shot that you're getting with my sessions. I'll get those big group pictures, but I also create setups with each little family pod, grandparents and their kids, grandparents and grandkids, just the grandkids, just the parents/siblings, just the girls, just the boys, individual kids, heck... even the dog! Large groups can be challenging, from posing, positioning, getting everyone to look at least in my direction, but that's the fun.

This family was so great. I work with the grandma and she asked me to do pictures, so we set up a date and got it all arranged. The day finally came and we got right at it. We met up once again at Veteran's Park because it has some amazing little nooks to create beautiful images. The kids were fantastic, and even the grown-ups cooperated. In an hour I was able to get over 100 great pictures to send to their gallery. Images ranging from EVERYONE, to just one person. I hope I can do more pictures for this family soon!

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